Why did you enrol at uni? Just to get a degree? Or maybe the God of the universe has a bigger purpose for you over the next few years?

Power to Change (formerly Student Life) is committed to seeing an attractive Christian presence on every university campus in Australia and beyond. We want to give each student the chance to hear about Jesus Christ, and how he is relevant to their lives. We are changing the world through a simple three step process. We connect students with Jesus, build them in their faith, and send them to do the same – at university, in Australia, and around the world.

You can find us on over thirty campuses throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. 

Our Vision

Encounter Jesus today, impact Australia tomorrow, and reach the nations for eternity.

Power to Change works with university students because they are the leaders of tomorrow and will exert a major influence on the future. They are also searching for answers and are willing to seriously consider the relevancy of Jesus Christ in their lives. University students have more time than any others to invest their lives – present and future for Jesus Christ. Universities are also seeing a large number of international students, which enables us to reach many countries in our own backyard.

Whether you are a Christian, or not sure where you stand with Jesus, Power to Change is for you. We give students the opportunity to investigate Christianity, and find faith for themselves. It doesn't matter if you are a local or an international student, Power to Change can help you get to know this God better during your time at uni.


Power to Change students gather several times every year for training, teaching, and fellowship at our camps and conferences. And if you really want to be stretched and grow in your faith, check out our short-term missions over the summer in Australia and overseas.

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start campus

Launch a New Campus

We can help you launch an exciting movement of connecting people to Jesus and building multiplying disciples, wherever you are in Australia. Start Power to Change on your campus through our Catalytic Strategy.

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How Can I Serve


Becoming a missionary provides the challenge of a lifetime! It involves learning more than you ever imagined. It is difficult but rewarding and fulfiling. You will be investing into the things that matter the most – God, His Word and people.

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summer projects

Summer Projects

Join us on a Summer Project, where you'll be equipped for a lifetime of mission with Jesus. Each summer, Power to Change sends missional communities all around the country and overseas, who will learn together, grow together and serve their communities together. Summer Projects - equipped for mission, equipped for life.

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