Do you have a passion to see your fellow classmates find out about Jesus?
Do you see university students as the unreached potential to change the future?
Are you looking to start an engaging movement, that sees lost students becoming Christ-centred disciplemakers?

Catalytic is Power to Change’s ministry aimed at those very things. Our vision is “a movement for every campus, the gospel for each student”. And we strongly believe this can be achieved through university students, local churches and passionate volunteers. All with the aim to connect people to Jesus and each other.

Approximately, there are 130 campuses across Australia, with a total of nearly 1 million students. Imagine if every student got the opportunity to make an informed decision about Jesus. However, not every student will get an opportunity.

Would you consider starting up a catalytic movement on your campus or a campus near you?

If you are interested, one of our experienced workers will coach you. In addition, we encourage you to contact us!

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Connect with Catalytic

You can reach the lost and activate Christians with our Catalytic strategy.


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Build with Catalytic

Ownership, growth and ministry were always in local hands.


Send with Catalytic

Become a part of the calling to share Jesus with the world


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