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What a journey these last few months have been for our nation as we've dealt with the bushfires and coronavirus. God has definitely thrown a spanner in the works! As Christians, we are to hurt with those who hurt and this is a time where we can walk with people through those fears. Perhaps not in person but the options in our digital era are plentiful. In light of all of these things, we'd like to announce a new initiative ...


The COVID19 Love Your Neighbour Initiative


1. Reach out to 19 people in your community

The first challenge is to make contact and exchange contact info with 19 families in your community. Some neighbourhoods may already be connected on a Facebook or Whatsapp group which is great. Others are less connected and so it would be good to get a start - perhaps through a letterbox drop. There is a reality that many in your community may need to be quarantined for a variety of reasons - they have coronavirus, they are elderly, they are immuno compromised, etc. Since they can't go out themselves, what a blessing it would be to have some people pick up some food, supplies, or medecine for them. You can just leave the supplies at their door and let them know that you left something for them. That is showing the true love of Jesus! 

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2. Create Community


While we want to encourage you to help others, we also want to encourage you to build a community that can serve. You can help empower others to serve which takes the load off of you but also allows others the blessing of giving. As an added bonus, if someone is forced into quarantine, things can still keep going. What a great opportunity to build real community as we come alongside each other to help!

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3. Check-In

We don't know how long social distancing and the like will last. Unfortunately, it might be measured in months rather than weeks. If that is the case, people will start to get frustrated. It would be really great to check-in and connect socially over the phone, social media or skype. Maybe it’s checking in to see if people are okay, - how are they dealing with things? Have they lost jobs? Are they struggling with depression, anxiety, or even death? We can then help point them to the right resources.

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4. Share Life

We have the belief that Christians should be at the forefront of caring for their communities in practical and tangible ways. We want you to help initiate and coordinate this but it shouldn’t be completely dependent on you – how great would it be to enable others in our community to join us in caring for others as well. This is a great way to love our neighbours well. As we love well in deed and show the love of Jesus in a practical way, we also want to be available as we do life together. Perhaps you could offer to pray for your neighbour when they share a hardship or you could ask some questions to see how they are really going throughout this pandemic.

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At Power to Change, we are keen to help get you resources that practically work. Check back periodically as we'll be adding more tools to help you on the journey. We're excited to walk with you as together we change the world!


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