Without a doubt, the dream of a happy relationship is one of the most consistent longings of the human heart. We want to marry our best friend and then enjoy a lifetime relationship together. Despite the bleak statistics that we often hear, the truth is that many people actually do enjoy life-long fulfilling marriages.

Great relationships don't just happen though. They take hard work. We don't need to tell you the many ways that our relationships can get sidetracked. We are here to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. We want to inspire and equip you with the right practical tools so that you can experience a love that lasts.

If you're having a hard go of it in your relationship or just want your relationship to be better, consider one of the options below as a way to begin the conversation and start your journey towards a more fulfilling and loving relationship.

We are passionate about changed lives because every marriage and family is worth it!

Relationship Check-Up

Looking for some direction in your relationship? Do you have some issues that you keep getting caught up in? Get in touch now to take an individualised online relationship check-up and then meet with one of our trained coaches who will help equip you with some new tools while you take a more holisitic look at your relationship.

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A Day Together

Our renowned one-day relationship conference focuses on the theme of cultivating oneness in your marriage. Each conference is a friendly gathering that's all about making progress and not assigning blame. Through the presentations and couples projects, you will be challenged and grow closer as a couple in a safe environment. Rest assured there is no group sharing!

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LTL Swim

Love that Lasts

This weekend marriage conference is designed to help you rediscover your partner. We feature a personalised online couples assessment to help couples understand and appreciate each other's uniqueness while highlighting some areas of strength and growth in your relationship. As always, there are no awkward group discussions.

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Homebuilders Relationship Workshop

Whether you've had a relationship for years or are newlyweds, the Homebuilders relationship workshop series will help you focus on real-life relationship issues and challenge you with practical applications that will make your relationship healthy and strong.

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Marriage Mentoring

One of the most helpful things a young couple can do is to find an older couple they admire and ask that couple to help mentor them. Meeting up every couple of months to talk about how your relationship is going and learning a few tricks from someone a bit further down the road can be invaluable. Find a couple you look up to and start today!

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