Connect people with Jesus and the Gospel message of hope through the power of film. Filmed in over 200 locations around Israel, and featuring a cast of more than 5,000 people, the “JESUS” film is the only major motion picture to be based on the exact text of the Gospel of Luke.

The “JESUS” Film has been translated into over 1,800 languages and viewed over 8 billion times all around the world, resulting in more than 500 million people coming to Christ.


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With mission partners, for over 40 years the film has been translated into 1,816 languages and viewed more than 8.1 billion times. In Australia, local church partners, ensured the “JESUS” film reached neighbourhoods across the country.

In the 1990’s, a million VHS (and then DVD) videos in 100 languages were distributed. 
Special children’s and women’s versions were developed.

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Today, the Jesus Film Project includes a library of more than 200 short and feature-length films available to stream online or through the “JESUS” Film Project app.

There are so many different ways this app is being used today; at short-film festivals, in social media campaigns, for home and church discussion groups, and major outreach events. It’s also being widely used on university campuses to share the gospel message with students from different belief backgrounds and cultures. The possibilities are endless!

Download the app now and start sharing the Gospel message through the powerful medium of film.

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Tim Evans, a Power to Change missionary based in Melbourne, led the project developing the short film “Alone”. It is the first Australian addition to the Jesus Film library and the film asks the question;

“What if, despite our solitary circumstances, we weren’t alone?
What if there were someone who cared?”

The 8-minute film raises the questions about loneliness and encourages a conversation to be started that is easy and natural. As you sip a latte in a café or share a toasted cheese sandwich over the kitchen counter, asking a friend to watch the short film and discussing it with them happens pretty easily. Through the shared emotional experience of the story, you can begin to share your own experience of the One who will never leave you or forsake you.

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