Power to Change has developed a number of apps for helping you to connect people to Jesus, build them in their faith and then send them to do the same. We want to be innovating to provide the best ways to connect people to Jesus in our new digital age.

Christianity Explained App

Christianity Explained is a six week study looking at the life of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark.

Studies include:

  1. Jesus - The Son of God
  2. Jesus - His Death of the Cross
  3. Jesus - His Resurrection
  4. God's Gift not our Works
  5. What is a Christian? - Repenting
  6. What is a Christian? - Believing
  7. A bonus study on Creation.
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First Steps App

First Steps is foundational follow up material to help ground new Christians in their faith, and to take their first steps in their relationship with God.

Now you can go through first steps on your smartphone and store your answers on your device.

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GodTools App

From the Cru network is God Tools app. This multilingual app (70+ languages) equips you to be able to easily and clearly share your faith with visually engaging presentations. When God gives you opportunities for spiritual conversations we want you to feel prepared and confident as you reach out to others.

GodTools includes these messages:

1. Knowing God Personally

2. The Four Spiritual Laws

3. Would you like to know God personally?


5. Honor Restored

6. Satisfied

The first five simply explain the gospel message in a variety of ways, while "Satisfied?" helps Christians understand and enjoy the presence of God's Holy Spirit in their lives.

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The Parting Gift

The Parting Gift is a short 6 minute film contained within a simple mobile application. Download the app and install it on your phone to watch the film and to share it with others. Each presentation is followed by six simple slides that can help you unpack the deeper meaning of the film and explore what Jesus taught about the nature of God.

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Perspective Cards App

Many people’s worldviews are becoming increasingly eclectic, while the Christian worldview is becoming increasingly irrelevant and confusing. This can be huge barrier to understanding spiritual reality, and knowing God. How can we help those we care for?

Imagine a deck of cards which can guide you through an enjoyable and deeply revealing spiritual conversation. Perspective Cards allows people to share what they believe, explore the gospel of Jesus Christ, and take the next step on their spiritual journey in an environment where they feel safe. This makes spiritual conversations and evangelism both enjoyable and authentic.

Pray, relax, trust God to work and enjoy your conversations!

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Soularium App

From the Cru Network comes Soularium. Just as sunlight illuminates a solarium, Soularium opens a window to the soul. Because images connect deeply with our experiences, they enable us to engage in meaningful conversations about life & God. With Soularium you’ll discover just how easy and enjoyable it is to come alongside someone on their journey.

Soularium––50 images. 5 questions.

Go Deeper.

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Every Student App

Contains the best from the popular site, EveryStudent.com and its outstanding growth series. Everything is contained in the app and free. No wifi needed.

Includes compelling articles and short videos on topics like…

- Strong reasons to know God exists.
- When God answers prayer.
- Relationships, sex, intimacy.
- What exactly you can count on God for.
- How to find your life’s purpose.

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