Power to Change's Youth Workers and Chaplains serve the school by providing spiritual and emotional support to school communities. They work alongside other school staff in helping students discover better ways to articulate and deal with the many issues they face on a daily basis.

These issues can include family breakdown, loneliness, and so on, but it can also be related to questions such as what subject do they choose. Sometimes having another person to talk with as they make that decision can mean the difference between a student who is engaged in the school day and a student who is in distress and not engaging in the life of the school. Even though the school is already equipped with incredibly capable people, our Youth Workers / Chaplains / Volunteers can complement through their support and programs.

The school is a complex environment so we will work with you to see how the Youth Worker/Chaplain fits your setting.

A Youth Worker/Chaplain can offer:

  • Staff and student support.
  • Supporting staff in classrooms, excursions, camps, school performances, assemblies.
  • Networking with community groups. There are many groups that can help enrich the school experience for staff and students, such as Scouts, Rotary Groups, Church Youth Groups, and Holiday Camps. It can be extremely useful for the school to know who they are and how they can be accessed. The Youth Worker can be a great person to help keep the school informed and connected to these programs.
  • Student Leadership Development. Such as lunchtime and after school groups, camps and conferences. These are important for peer to peer networking and leadership development. All activities are only run with the permission of the Principal and parents as required by DET.
  • Pastoral Care and Welfare. Serving on both the counsellor and welfare teams of the school, the Youth Worker/Chaplain provides an important link of ensuring the spiritual and emotional needs of the school community are met. We uphold very carefully the policies of the DET regarding the spiritual sensitivities of each person the Youth Worker/Chaplain will meet.
  • Parenting support.
  • Something else we can help with?

How are they funded?

Power to Change's Youth Workers/Chaplains operate as a Non-Government Funded Program. Our team operates from a broad base funding model, allowing us to design a program that better serves each school setting. Our funding can come from individuals, community groups, churches etc.

Our funding model is from multiple sources ensuring a stronger foundation and future for the schools worker and therefore the school. Our model means that if any one funding source stops, additional funding will be raised so that the role can continue.

All such funding is tax deductable.


All our Schools Workers and Chaplains have up to date Child Protection, Anaphylaxis and First Aid training. They also have a minimum DET requirement of Certificate 4 in Youth Work and Certificate 4 in Theology.

They also receive ongoing skill development, training and coaching throughout the year.

They can also attend school staff development days and other onsite training that are offered within the School.

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