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Families, marriage and relationships are special. They bringing joy and meaning to life. Sadly, around Australia, many families are living in crisis. The reasons for the great number of unsuccessful marriages and broken families are many and often complex. We are all searching though for a love that lasts - it’s the one thing people want more than anything, yet it seems to be the one thing that’s the hardest to find; certainly, to keep.


In a world full of disposable relationships and alarming divorce statistics, it's easy to wonder is there any chance for my relationship to succeed over the long haul?  We think there is hope!


What we do

Changed lives; that's what motivates us. We love hearing stories of couples whose lives have been transformed. That's what we are about at Power to Change; to inspire and equip couples to be successfully married for a lifetime.

Power to Change helps to transform relationships through providing hope and practical tools. We base our events and resources on research, experience of what works and we use the Bible as a key reference point. Our events and resources are suitable for those who are married, preparing for marriage, remarried, living together or in a long term relationship … struggling or solid. Everything we do is designed to be practical, fun, inspiring and give hope to those of all faiths or none at all.


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How can we help bring about change?

Power to Change is a growing network of people who care about and are doing something to help strengthen relationships and support marriage in their communities.

Like all families, we have experienced ups and downs and we’ve found there are some timeless principles that work. Our lives have changed and we are passionate about sharing this with others by building a movement for family life and marriage. Our heart is to help equip couples with practical and helpful tools that they can use. We've all struggled in marriage and there is hope. We are here to help.


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Power to Change works to strengthen families in Australia.

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