We live in serious times. The family is under siege as never before and its structure is collapsing. We have a younger generation who have been burned by their own parents divorce. As a result, there is an increased cynicism to marriage in Australia with over 1 million couples living together unmarried. Almost half of our nations children are being born outside of the context of marriage. Australians want relationships to work but are seeing unprecedented failure. Power to Change needs men and women who say “enough is enough.”

These are serious times, but they are times of immense opportunity. We invite you to be a part of a grand work that God is doing!

Power to Change is reaching thousands of families through events, radio broadcasts, small group studies, resources, and the internet. Still, we feel like we are only scratching the surface. There are over five million families in Australia and we have a heightened awareness that more families need to hear God’s truths for marriage and family in a relevant way. To reach them, we need your help.
The pivotal issue facing Australia today is not crime, education, or the environment ... It is the spiritual condition of families.

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Host A Day Together

Do you know someone close to you in marital or relational crisis and asked yourself the question: “What can I do to help their marriage or other relationships in my community?”
You can bring Power to Change’s ‘A Day Together‘ conference to your community.

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Love that Lasts

This weekend marriage conference is designed to help you rediscover your partner and learn how you can make a difference in your community. We feature a personalised online couples assessment to help couples understand and appreciate each other's uniqueness while highlighting some areas of strength and growth in your relationship.

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Lead a Homebuilders Relationship Workshop

The Homebuilders relationship workshop series will help you focus on real-life relationship issues and challenge you with practical applications that will make your relationship healthy and strong. It's a great way to invest in the next generation!

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Marriage Mentoring

One of the most helpful things a young couple can do is to find an older couple they admire and have that couple help mentor them. Meeting up every couple of months to talk about how your relationship is going and learning a few tricks from someone a bit further down the road can be invaluable. Find a couple you can invest in and start today!

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Couple's Evening

Want a great way to get started impacting marriages? We've put together a great template for you to use and customise for your event! A Couple's Evening is a great way to invest in your community, launch a marriage initiative or to gather a group to host a marriage conference. Why not check it out and get started today.

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MyFriends Lifestyle


We are passionate about giving Australians the opportunity to know Jesus personally. Many Aussies are interested in spiritual things, but have little desire to visit a church. So how can they get to know Jesus? MyFriends helps everyday Christians develop a lifestyle that creates opportunities for their friends and family to discover God’s story together.

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Save a Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing when it's working well. When it's not working well, it can stretch us beyond what we ever thought possible. We know it can be tough - we've experienced it in our lives. Would you be willing to consider helping financially to provide help, hope and some practical tools for couples who are having a tough go of it?

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Every marriage needs help. We're all in the process of learning how to make marriage work with our partners. Our goal though is not only to help you grow in your marriage but also to encourage you to pay it forward and help other couples who may be doing it rough. We want to help equip you for your journey as a guide for other couples.  Join us in this great adventure!

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